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The details are perfect, comfortable and convenient to use, making your bathroom life comfortable and dripping.


Years of experience in the bathroom products industry

Yuyao Pretty Home Sanitary Wares Co., Ltd. (Yuyao Hengmei Sanitary Wares Factory) is located in the east of Ningbo, China. It is a company specializing in the design and manufacture of various sanitary products.

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Common problems in shower rooms and daily maintenance methods


Nowadays, in order to improve their shower life, more and more people at home often choose to instal......

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Small details that must not be ignored when installing a shower room


With the popularity of wet and dry separation, many families will choose to customize a shower room ......

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Which shower room pulley is made of better quality?


The shower room not only allows us to enjoy a refreshing bathing life, but also allows the bathroom ......

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Buying skills of shower room handle


Each shower room product can be equipped with a handle, and the style can also be customized. The ha......

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