Small details that must not be ignored when installing a shower room

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Small details that must not be ignored when installing a shower room

Update:27 Dec

With the popularity of wet and dry separation, many families will choose to customize a shower room product, but many people will encounter problems during the installation process, so the editor will explain to you when installing a shower room. What to pay attention to!
Before installation, clean up the installation location first, do not leave rubbish, so as not to hinder the construction; the location of the floor drain and the installation location of the shower room should be correct, and there should be no deviation, otherwise it will cause subsequent drainage problems. Problem: Secondly, you need to prepare all the tools for installation, such as: tape measure, impact drill, pencil, hand hammer, wire cutters, electric screwdriver, glue gun, etc., and then start the installation. If it has a base, first install the base. Then install the shower room, and the base usually has a stone base and a bottom basin to choose from. If the stone base is installed, it can be directly placed on the tile, and then sealed with glass glue, or pre-embedded; if it is a bottom basin, directly Install it on the tiles, and then apply glass glue.
After installation, a water test is required to ensure that the launching is unimpeded, and the installation of various components should be checked for leaks, such as whether the handle and glass are stable, whether the magnetic strip is sealed or not, and how tight are the hinges and hinge clamps , Whether the opening and closing of the glass door is smooth, if you find a problem, you should contact the manufacturer to solve it in time. In fact, generally speaking, good shower room brands are installed in packages, and there are professional installers, so choosing a good shower room manufacturer is also very important.

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