Common problems in shower rooms and daily maintenance methods

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Common problems in shower rooms and daily maintenance methods

Update:27 Dec

Nowadays, in order to improve their shower life, more and more people at home often choose to install a shower room product, but many people also find that after using the shower room for a long time, some problems will occur more or less, such as opening and closing the glass door Sometimes there are abnormal noises and stains on the glass surface that are difficult to clean.
For sliding doors, the pulley is particularly important. If you find that there will be some abnormal sounds after a long time of use, you must check whether there is any foreign matter stuck, and if it is not, you must clean it; if not, you can check the waterproof rubber strip and glass Whether the door is scratched or not, if the situation is true, you must communicate with the manufacturer to ask professionals to repair it. The reason for this problem is that the installation is not in place. It can be seen that the professionalism of the installer is very important, so buy a shower When buying a room, pay attention to the purchase of shower room brands, and at least after-sales service should be in place. In addition, the shower pulley needs maintenance in normal life. You can add some lubricant to make it run more smoothly and smoothly.
If there are stains that are difficult to clean on the surface of the shower room glass, it depends on the degree of the stain. If the surface is stained with yellow or even black stains, use vinegar and water, plus a little salt, and spray it on the glass door. After waiting for ten to fifteen minutes, wipe with a dry cloth, the stain will be cleaned up; you can also use a towel to soak in the solution, twist it into a semi-dry form after five minutes, wipe the glass door, the effect will be obvious.
If the scale or stain in the shower room is white block or granular, you can use a piece of plastic wrap to stick to the stain on the glass door, wait for ten minutes to soften the white particles solidified on the glass, and then tear off the plastic wrap. Dip a towel with tea and wipe it clean, and the stain will disappear.

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