Which shower room pulley is made of better quality?

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Which shower room pulley is made of better quality?

Update:27 Dec

The shower room not only allows us to enjoy a refreshing bathing life, but also allows the bathroom to separate dry and wet, but the shower room is used for a long time, and its components will age with the passage of time; so we are buying a shower When you are in the room, you must carefully choose its components. The pulley is one of its important components. Then, Kangjian Sanitary Ware will introduce how to buy high-quality pulleys!
There are generally several types of pulleys for shower rooms on the market: copper shaft rubber-coated pulleys, 201 stainless steel pulleys, and 304 stainless steel bearing wheels. Among them, the better material is 304 stainless steel pulley, while the 201 and copper materials are worse, so it is not recommended to buy pulleys of these two materials. After all, the pulley has to bear the weight of the glass, so it is also very important to buy high-quality materials, and good materials can guarantee the service life of the shower room.
Copper shaft rubber-coated pulley: this kind of pulley is the most common. The middle part is yellow copper, with stainless steel beads inside and white plastic on the outside. The hardness of copper and plastic is soft when the stainless steel beads are rubbed. The copper shaft and the rubber are easy to Wear and tear causes the pulley gap to become larger and larger, and eventually degumming occurs.
201 stainless steel pulley: 201 material contains high manganese, the surface is dark and bright, and the high manganese content is easy to rust and has poor corrosion resistance.
304 stainless steel bearing wheel: The pulley is made of high-quality stainless steel, resistant to high temperature and wear, and has an anti-derailment design to ensure its safety. After 100,000 continuous push-pull tests, there is no damage or abnormality. The normal service life is more than five years.


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