Which shower room accessories are important?

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Which shower room accessories are important?

Update:24 Dec

Different styles of shower room are equipped with different accessories. Some accessories seem to be of no use, but their practicality is great. Next, let's take a look at which shower room accessories are small, but very useful!
First, let’s take a look at the one-shaped accessories: anti-collision block and guide block. These two accessories are often ignored by everyone, but in fact they have extraordinary functions. For example, the anti-collision block can not only reduce the impulse when opening the door, but also play a role. When it comes to protecting the edge of the glass, everyone knows that the maintenance of the glass is very important, especially the corners and corners of the glass. The guide block can be used to adjust the tightness of the glass, which is beneficial to the sliding door. Normal operation will not cause the glass to be too loose or too tight to be adjusted, so these two designs are very user-friendly, but not all in-line shower rooms are equipped with these two accessories; and anti-collision The design of the block is divided into detachable and fixed. If it is detachable, it will be much easier to clean. If it is fixed, it will be a little troublesome to clean.
The other is the shower room product with damping and buffering function. The function of damping and buffering is similar to that of the anti-collision block. In addition to reducing the impact when opening the door and protecting the edge of the glass, it can also prevent hands from being caught, after all, when sliding the door Glass has a certain buffering process and time, so the role of damping and buffering cannot be ignored, and the price of the shower room with this accessory will be more expensive.
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