How many ways can the shower curtain hang?

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How many ways can the shower curtain hang?

Update:24 Dec

Nowadays, many new house bathrooms are designed in a square structure with no partitions, so in order to prevent water splashes from splashing to other places when taking a bath, we need to find a way to make the bathing area and other areas of the bathroom. cut off. The easiest way to partition is to install a shower curtain, and you need to pay attention to the following two aspects when buying a shower curtain.
Shower curtain-water retaining strip
Many owners think that it is enough to lay the floor of the shower area with an inclined floor drain, but the drain speed of the floor drain is slower than the flushing speed of the shower. Therefore, water retaining strips should be installed on the floor of the shower area. The water barrier must be laid on the outside of the shower curtain so that the water will not flow down the shower curtain to the outside of the shower area. It is best to choose natural stone water retaining strips with a thickness of 1 to 2 cm. It is enough to choose mold-proof high-quality glass glue to lay on the periphery of the shower curtain. The length of the shower curtain must be appropriate, and the bottom should be about 2 cm above the ground. Choosing the right shower curtain can add a lot of color to the bathroom.
Shower curtain-how to hang the shower curtain
One is to install a flexible shower curtain track, and the other is to install a shower curtain rod. Special attention should be paid to the installation of the flexible shower curtain track. Nowadays, aluminum gussets will be installed in the bathroom, and the flexible shower curtain track will be installed on the aluminum gussets. Therefore, it is necessary to determine the specific installation location of the track, and then reinforce the keel at the corresponding location. Shower curtain rods are divided into expansion rods and fixed on the wall with nuts. If you use a straight shower curtain rod at home, and there are wall support points on both sides, you can choose an expansion rod. This kind of shower curtain rod is very convenient to install and move, and you can also put bath towels and the like. For the arc-shaped shower curtain rod, it is better to choose the one with the two ends fixed to the wall with nuts to be more secure, and you must choose the stainless steel tube, which has a thicker and stronger tube wall.
Today, I have introduced two issues that you need to pay attention to when buying a shower curtain. I hope you can understand. The design of the current shower curtain is getting better and better, and the material is upgraded. For example, the old-fashioned shower curtain may be moldy and cracked after being used for a long time, but the current shower curtain is generally not anymore, so you need to consider more when choosing The question of practicality.
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