How to install shower room products in a limited space?

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How to install shower room products in a limited space?

Update:24 Dec

No matter how small the bathroom is, the waterproof performance must be the best. Otherwise, the bathroom will be kept in a wet state for a long time, which will easily breed bacteria, which is extremely harmful to the human body. The shower room not only has the function of beautifying the bathroom and heat preservation, but the most important thing is to make the bathroom dry and wet separation effect to the best state, so now many families will choose to install a shower room.
It’s just that some bathrooms are small in size and there is no way to install an integrated shower room, but in fact there are open shower rooms to choose from. Although the dry and wet separation effect of the open shower room is not as good as the overall shower room, after installation, the bathroom’s The dry and wet areas will be separated, and they will not affect each other in daily use. At the same time, the growth of bacteria will be reduced. In addition, it will be much warmer when bathing in winter. The most important thing is that the open shower room is better than the whole shower. The room is much cheaper, and ordinary families can afford it.
It is recommended to install a shower room if the bathroom area is not less than 3 square meters. However, some bathrooms have unique decoration and cannot be installed with a shower room. Then there is no way. Natural installation is the best if it can be installed. The arc fan type of the integral shower room can also be used with a small apartment bathroom. It can be placed in a small corner. The sleek lines are matched with the sliding door. The sliding door uses a dark corner to open the door without occupying additional door opening space. It is an integral shower room. The most space-saving product in the world.
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