What are the main points of maintaining hardware bathroom pendants?

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What are the main points of maintaining hardware bathroom pendants?

Update:01 Jan

1. Develop the habit of opening doors and windows to keep the bathroom air unobstructed. Breaking up between wet and dry is the maintenance method for bathroom accessories.
2. The paint has a great corrosive effect on the surface plating of the pendant. Do not let the paint get on the pendant.
3. Do not use corrosive sponges and detergents containing corrosive, dissolved and acidic substances, bleaching agents, vinegar, etc. to clean the pendant, because they have a corrosive effect on the appearance of the pendant and will cause your pendant appearance to lose its luster Or leave scratches. At the same time, it is not recommended to use detergents with frequently changing formulas on the market. They may also cause great damage to your pendant.
4. The exterior of the pendant should be wiped with a soft cotton cloth and clean water frequently to ensure the pendant's bright luster. Try not to clean it with detergent. Never use corrosive acid-base solutions. Information about the environmentally friendly electrolytic copper, nickel and chromium plating used in the product. It is not only environmentally friendly, but also has a long service life.
5. Rinse with clean water, and dry the pendant with a special maintenance cloth for the pendant.
6. Wipe gently with a damp cloth coated with soap or toothpaste, and then rinse with water.
The towel rack rusts in the following situations:
1. The water is of poor quality and contains metal ions. In addition, there is no regular wiping, or some sanitary dead spots. These metal ion-rich water droplets interact with the air, and rust spots may appear over a long period of time.
2. It is not wiped frequently. Over time, some water will form dirt on the surface, eventually showing spot-like black spots.
3. The coating of the towel rack is not well protected, resulting in damage to the coating, brass and air

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