What are the installation methods of stainless steel towel rail?

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What are the installation methods of stainless steel towel rail?

Update:01 Jan

Method one: perforated installation Advantages: strong endurance, not easy to aging. Disadvantages: installation requires the master to punch the tiles and punch holes, which is more troublesome than suction walls, but it is suitable for long-lived households to use stainless steel towel racks.
Method two: suction wall. Advantages: easy demolition and installation Disadvantages: fast aging, easy to fall. Ordinary suction cup pendants in bathrooms and kitchens are most afraid of water and oil, because the degree of adhesion of the suction cup and the adsorbed surface directly affects the vacuum pressure in the suction cup. If the degree of adhesion is too poor, the vacuum of the suction cup is not easy to maintain , It will not achieve the purpose of adsorption. When using the suction cup, we always hope that the part of the workpiece in contact with the suction cup surface is smooth and sealed, which will help the vacuum suction cup to firmly grasp the surface. But this is only an ideal state. Usually the surface does not have such ideal conditions. The surface of the workpiece is either pores or rough. These factors directly affect the degree of adhesion of the suction cup to the surface of the workpiece. When the suction cup and the surface of the workpiece are poorly attached, the leakage phenomenon we often say will occur.

Briefly introduce the main structure of the towel rack
Towel rack The towel rack is composed of two supports supporting one or more cross bars. Some of them are foldable and generally installed on the bathroom wall for placing clothes and hanging towels and bath towels. The quality bathroom is divided into materials, generally divided into: copper towel rack, stainless steel towel rack, aluminum alloy towel rack. According to the function, it can be divided into: movable towel rack and towel rack.
Among them, the stainless steel gold towel rack is the most cost-effective, and its surface can be made into a variety of effects to meet the individual needs of modern home decoration, so it has begun to dominate the market in recent years. Towel rack sizes are generally 50CM, 60CM, 70CM, 80CM, etc. The corresponding size can be selected according to the size of the bathroom.

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