How should the towel rack be cleaned?

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How should the towel rack be cleaned?

Update:01 Jan

1. Wipe the bath towel rack with clean water and dry it with a soft cotton cloth. Do not use any abrasive cleaner, cloth or paper towel, and any acid-containing detergent, polishing abrasive or detergent or soap to wipe the surface of the bath towel rack. .
2. The long-term residual chrome-plated surface of various detergents and shower gels used in daily life will degrade the surface gloss of the towel rack and directly affect the surface quality. Please clean the surface of the towel rack with a soft cloth at least once a week, preferably with a neutral detergent.
3. You can use a pure cotton damp cloth coated with toothpaste and soap, wipe it gently, and then wash it with water.
4. You can use wax oil with strong decontamination ability and apply it on a clean white cotton cloth to thoroughly clean the whole product. The cycle is generally 3 months, which can extend the life of the towel rack. Remember that every time you finish cleaning, you must wipe off the water stains, otherwise water stains and dirt may appear on the surface of the pendant.
5. For stubborn dirt, surface scale and stains that are difficult to remove, please use mild liquid cleaners, colorless glass cleaners or polishing fluids that do not contain abrasive effects to clean, and then use clean water to clean the towel rack and use it Wipe dry with a soft cotton cloth.


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