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Introduce the bathroom cabinet in detail

Update:24 Dec

1. Bathroom cabinet
To choose a set of bathroom cabinets that suits you, in addition to considering the size, style, and color, the following factors should be considered:
Consider the functions of fire prevention, moisture prevention and moth prevention:
In order to achieve the "three-proof" function, the choice of the board for the bathroom cabinet is the key. The choice of material must be strong and durable, whether it is high-pressure pasted, and whether the surface is treated with high molecular polymer thin desert.
The collocation of the overall product:
Whether the bathroom cabinet is matched with ceramic basin, bathroom mirror and faucet, it is luxurious, generous and practical.
Hinge life:
Because bathroom drawers are often pushed and pulled, the quality of the hinges affects the service life. At present, the well-known company in the world who makes hinges is the German Hetis brand, which has been used 150,000 times without failure.
Convenience of installation and cleaning
The wall-mounted suspension installation method is 15cm above the ground, which leaves more ground space and is convenient for cleaning.
Close-fitting design:
Consider the convenience and practicality of use, and whether there are intimate racks.
2. Shower sliding door
Showering is a kind of fun. In addition to considering style and size, the following are the key considerations when choosing a shower sliding door:
Safety is related to material, generally divided into ordinary glass and tempered glass. Ordinary glass is cheap and unsafe to use. Tempered glass is now used more often. Use at least 6mm toughened glass, which has strong impact resistance and is not easily broken. Toughened glass with strong safety generally has a toughened identification mark.
Impermeable water:
Due to the current popularity of bathroom separation between wet and dry, consider the tightness of the joint. Sealing tape must be used to effectively prevent water seepage and separation of dry and wet.
Service life:
The framed shower sliding door uses guide rail pulley to push and pull the switch, which is easy to derail and has a short life;
The frameless sliding shower door adopts hinged hinge connection, easy opening and closing, and long service life. Imported precision cast stainless steel hinges are used for 450,000 times without obstacles.
3. To choose a toilet, consider the following factors:
Flushing function:
The flushing function of the toilet mainly depends on the piping design of the base, but it also has a little relationship with the height of the water tank and the design of the water tank accessories. The best flushing method popular in modern times is the jet siphon type. The jet siphon type means that there is a jet hole in the water storage part of the base, and the water is sprayed from the jet hole when flushing, which accelerates the formation of the siphon, and completely replaces the water, and has a good mute effect.
Water tank accessories:
The water tank accessories determine whether the toilet can be used. According to observations, more than 90% of the problems with toilets that cannot be used normally in many families are in the water tank accessories. Be sure to check the water tank accessories carefully when purchasing. It is best to have them installed at the factory to see if the structure is compact, the movable connection part is sensitive and reliable, and the water sealing part is flat. The water tank accessories are made of copper and polymer engineering plastics.
toilet lid:
Whether the toilet cover is designed according to the ergonomic principles for more comfortable sitting, whether the material has a sound-absorbing function, it is best to match it with a variety of colors.
Water saving:
In line with the concept of environmental protection and water saving, 6-liter flushing is a trend, and the 3/6-liter two-stage type is more water-saving.
Installation convenience:
Whether it is equipped with wax ring and sludge to overcome the phenomenon that cement installation may easily cause toilet cracks.
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