What are the parts of the shower room product?

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What are the parts of the shower room product?

Update:24 Dec

There are many parts that make up the shower room, and the quality of each part plays a key role, so we must not be sloppy when buying. The editor of Kangjian Sanitary Ware will explain to you how the materials of these parts are!
Frame material: 304 stainless steel and imported space aluminum are generally used to make shower rooms. These two materials have good impact resistance and corrosion resistance, but relatively speaking, stainless steel will be better and the price is more expensive than space aluminum some.
Glass: The shower room glass must look for high-quality automotive-grade 3C-certified fully tempered glass, and the surface must also be pasted with a high-quality transparent material 3H diamond explosion-proof film, so that safety can be upgraded again to protect the personal safety of you and your family; In addition, the nano self-cleaning coating is also indispensable. Nano self-cleaning has the performance of easy self-cleaning, so that the glass surface does not hide dirt and dirt, it is clean and bright, and it is as bright as new.
Hardware accessories: The hardware accessories are made of stainless steel, which enhances the impact resistance, rust resistance and wear resistance of the hardware accessories, and has a long service life.
Pulley: The material of the pulley is preferably 304 stainless steel, and it is better to have an anti-derailment design to prevent the pulley from falling off the track during operation; but the pulley needs to be regularly added with a smoothing agent to ensure its normal operation.
Base: If you install a stone base or a bottom basin at the bottom of the shower room, the dry and wet separation effect will be better, so most families will install a base. As for the choice of stone base or bottom basin, it depends on personal needs.
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