How to clean bathroom furniture?

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How to clean bathroom furniture?

Update:24 Dec

When cleaning the surface, use a soft and dry cloth and moisten it with a little alcohol to remove stains.
If you use a special cleaning agent to clean, please follow the factory instructions. Irregular operations may cause damage to the surface.
Do not use acid and alkaline solvents, such as hydrochloric acid, acetone solvents and other soluble substances for cleaning, otherwise it will cause your bathtub and shower room to corrode and be more likely to be stained with dirt.
How to maintain the basin?
1. Normal cleaning: The porcelain is cleaned with soft bristles or sponges with neutral detergent, but it should not be rinsed with hot water or directly into hot water to avoid cracking of the basin. If you want to use the basin to hold water, put cold water in the hot water first to avoid scalding.
2. Regular maintenance: The bottom of the water storage bay can be disassembled to remove the accumulated stains to keep the drainage smooth. Regularly check whether there are dark cracks in the basin at home, fill the basin with water, pour in colored paint and soak it overnight. If there is dark crack, you can see clearly.
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