How to maintain titanium alloy aluminum material?

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How to maintain titanium alloy aluminum material?

Update:01 Jan

As one of the sanitary products we use daily, the shower room must be cleaned and maintained regularly. The frame materials of shower room products are generally divided into stainless steel and aluminum, so how to maintain the aluminum shower room frame What? Below, the editor will briefly popularize it for everyone!
Generally speaking, the thickness and quality of the aluminum alloy frame used in the shower room must meet the relevant national standards. The high-quality aluminum has strong bearing capacity and is not easy to deform, and can well bear the weight of tempered glass. The aluminum alloy skeleton is to support the entire shower room, so it needs regular maintenance; the aluminum alloy is oxidized and is maintained by electrostatic spraying. The electrostatic spraying has a variety of colors and is a solid spray plastic. Note that it should not be exposed to the sun, and should not be touched with sharp objects to avoid damage to the surface of the frame.
If the surface of the aluminum alloy is dirty, it needs to be cleaned. Remember not to use corrosive, acidic, alkaline and other chemicals to wipe it. It is recommended to wipe it with a neutral detergent. In addition, toothpaste, Decontamination powder, drugs and other substances are used to clean it, which can easily damage its aesthetics. If the surface of the aluminum material is oxidized and colored, there is no need to worry about fading even if it is wiped in the later stage.
In addition to the above, attention should be paid to daily use, especially if there are children in the home, do not let them collide.

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