How is custom shower curtain fabric more suitable?

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How is custom shower curtain fabric more suitable?

Update:24 Dec

The custom shower curtain fabrics are generally made of these three materials:
The shower curtain fabric of textiles (polyester, polyester/cotton and cotton blends) can withstand low temperatures, but it is not waterproof or odorless, so its waterproof quality effect must be observed according to the waterproof coating, and the waterproof coating can have a smell but the waterproof layer is not Machine wash. However, the feel of this material is relatively good. This material has a good waterproof and thickened shower curtain fabric.
Plastic (EVA, PEVA and PVC) shower curtains are not resistant to low temperatures, so they should be installed away from radiators and bathtubs. However, this type of shower curtain also has an advantage, that is, its waterproof and mildew-proof effect will be better. This material has a good effect after being waterproof and thickened.
PEVA is a polymer of PE and EVA and is also a material that respects the environment. It is tasteless, soft, and feels good. The EVA content determines its touch and fall. The higher the EVA content, the greater the feel. The curtains are softer, heavier, heavier, harder, and lighter. Generally, PVC is transparent, durable and has a good drop, but it feels normal and changes with the weather. Regarding the question of whether there is any smell, because EVA and PEVA are environmentally friendly materials, there is no smell, but PVC has a slight smell. The effect of this material shower curtain cloth waterproof and thickened
What is the best size of bathroom curtains (shower curtain fabric customization)?
The width of the customized shower curtain is better than the actual width of the shower curtain. The shower curtain fabric is waterproof and thicker, and the effect of good size will be better. For example: If the width of the bathroom or bathtub is 160 cm, you should buy a 180 cm shower curtain. At this time, the curtains must have room for stretching. If it is 160 cm, it will not be adjusted. The height of the shower curtain is mainly 180 cm-200 cm. The height of the curtain of the shower curtain should be 1-2 cm. The hem should not touch the floor, or the place that is easy to get dirty. If you step on it accidentally, it is sometimes easy to tear off the shower curtain. Some types of floors are high-profile, and some have shower curtains that enhance aesthetics. If you follow the international standard size 180 * 180 (US custom size), 180 * 200 (Europe custom size). Abstract: The conditions of waterproof and thick shower curtain fabric: The fabric type of bathroom curtain and the size of bathroom shower curtain are introduced. There are several materials for bathroom curtain fabrics. Different materials have different uses, but when used. Be sure to measure the size first so that the design is more perfect.

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