What details should be paid attention to when customizing a shower room?

Update:23 Jul 2021

In recent years, there has been a boom in custom-made s […]

In recent years, there has been a boom in custom-made shower rooms. The shower room can not only separate the dry and wet, but also beautify the bathroom. Let me explain to you what should be paid attention to in custom shower room?
First of all, look at the decoration style of your own apartment and the matching of the shower room. The style of the shower room has a font, open, diamond, arc fan and square. The border colors are matte black, brushed gold, brushed silver, champagne gold, You can choose between bright silver and black. Both black and silver are more fashionable and versatile, while gold looks very high-end, and it will be more suitable to install in a gorgeous bathroom.
Secondly, pay attention to the height of the shower room's threshold. If it is used by the elderly and children, it is recommended to choose a lower threshold to avoid tripping; the direction of opening the door should be determined according to the position of the bathroom, with double doors moving each other and one solid There are many ways to open the door, such as one active, two fixed two active, two fixed one active, linkage door, flat open door, etc. The door opening method also determines the direction of the handle. If one side is a fixed door, the handle will be installed on the movable door, so Pay special attention to the direction of opening the door. If you do not choose the right direction, it is likely to obstruct the bathroom.
It is also very important to choose a good shower room brand. You must choose a manufacturer with a factory name, factory address, and product qualification certificate. Otherwise, the products of those unknown small manufacturers are inferior and the after-sales service is not guaranteed.