Towel rack type

Update:24 Aug 2019

Copper chrome towel rack: The "rust" of copper is green […]

Copper chrome towel rack: The "rust" of copper is green, which is what people often call "copper green". "Copper green" is copper oxide formed by the chemical reaction of copper and oxygen. In order to prevent copper from contacting with oxygen, a layer of metallic chromium is plated on the surface. The stability of the chromium is very good, and it is wear-resistant, and it also has a bright color and is very beautiful.
Single pole bathroom towel rack
Alumina Towel Rack: Pure aluminum products have poor hardness and will be black, but the oxidized alumina products have a great improvement in hardness, no blackening, good wear resistance, and alumina products are not. Will rust.
Stainless steel towel rack: low-grade stainless steel will rust. The higher the chromium content of stainless steel, the less likely it is to rust. The 304 stainless steel has a chromium content of 16%, good stability and strong corrosion resistance, even if it is wet for a long time. It will not rust in the environment.