Towel rack stability depends on what factors

Update:20 May 2020

Towel rack stability overview Is the surface processing […]

Towel rack stability overview
Is the surface processing technology. The following mainly introduces several types:

1. In comparison, the nature of stainless steel is not easy to rust (in fact, rust is an oxidation process) to ensure its most stable, so it is also the most commonly used. "Stainless steel" only needs direct surface polishing or wire drawing. There is no other change in surface material or additional coating, but depending on the brand, there are some differences in stability. The daily name is 304, which is better than 201. The surface is polished, and the material and processing technology can reach the mirror surface, but it is worse than the copper plating.

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2. "Copper" is basically made of brass, and the surface is chrome plated. If it is processed well, it can reach the mirror surface. With the intrinsic price of copper, there will be a noble feeling. If it is not electroplated, the surface is very easy to produce patina. It cannot be used. Such a plating layer is much more reliable than a layer of "paint" on the iron surface, but it also depends on the plating process, otherwise the surface will have a green patina if it has not been used for a few years. Because the price of "stainless steel" materials commonly used in sanitary ware products is much lower than that of copper materials, some manufacturers fake stainless steel materials after electroplating and say that they are made of "copper" materials due to the similar characteristics of stainless steel and copper, and the magnets can not absorb the characteristics. However, although the cost of plating stainless steel is not cheap, it is generally cheaper.