Need to pay attention to buy shower curtain

Update:22 Jan 2018

First, the retaining strip Many owners think that as lo […]

First, the retaining strip
Many owners think that as long as the shower area of the ground laying oblique floor drain on it, but the drain drain faster than the shower flushing speed. Therefore, the shower area to be installed on the ground retaining bar. Water stop must be laid on the outside of the shower curtain, so that water will not flow along the shower curtain outside the shower area. Select the best of natural stone retaining strips, the thickness of 1 to 2 cm, select the quality of glass mold plastic laying in the shower curtain periphery on it.
Second, the shower curtain hanging way
First, install a flexible shower curtain track, and the other is to install the shower curtain rod.
Special attention should be paid to the installation of flexible shower curtain rails. Nowadays, the bathroom will be equipped with aluminum gussets, and the flexible shower curtain rails will be installed on the aluminum gussets. So to determine a good track of the specific installation location, and then keel reinforcement in the corresponding location. Shower curtain rod is divided into expansion rod and nut fixed to the wall two. If you are using a straight shower curtain rod home, and on both sides of the wall support points can choose expansion rod, this shower curtain rod installation are easy to move, you can also take the bath towel and the like. Arc shower curtain rod, the best choice is the two ends of the nut is fixed on the wall more insurance, and must choose the stainless steel tube, to the wall thicker, stronger kind of.
Third, the choice of shower curtain
The length of the shower curtain must be appropriate, the best hem is about 2 cm off the ground. Choose the right shower curtain can add a lot of bathroom Tim.
Shower curtain maintenance and cleaning
The place to take a bath in the house is where the most water vapor is concentrated. Do not know, the bacteria take advantage of. The air above the tub is the place where bacteria are most commonly found. These bacteria are harmful to the body. Be sure to clean up in time, open the window after each bathing ventilation, the top of the tub every time when it is time to clean the tub is quite necessary. In particular, hung shower curtain bathroom, pay special attention to the maintenance and cleaning of the shower curtain.