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What are the purchase knowledge of towel rack?

Update:24 Dec

Space aluminum
1. It is said that the same "aluminum alloy" material used in aerospace equipment is used, that is, the so-called "space aluminum". In fact, only aluminum alloy materials are used in sanitary wares, which are very different from those used in aerospace equipment. The price alone is much different. The implication is that sanitary ware products cannot be used. If you want to use it, It is impossible to be at this price. Besides, the "aluminum alloy" materials used in aerospace equipment are controlled. Those manufacturers who process sanitary ware aluminum alloy materials rarely know "space aluminum" materials, and there is no "space aluminum". This material grade.
2. The "space aluminum" is said to be never rusty, and it is also a sales promotion method of the business. From the scientific knowledge, it should also be common sense. The phenomenon of material surface deterioration is: aluminum-- -Oxidation, iron-rust, copper-patina, stone-weathering, wood-decay, plastic-aging.
Selection of material types
The commonly used materials for the towel rack of sanitary ware products are mainly stainless steel and copper, but also aluminum (aluminum alloy), iron, zinc, plastic, etc. Various materials are divided into many series. If necessary, you can find out in the "Practical Hardware Manual". In contrast, the strength of stainless steel in the above-mentioned materials is better.
Material surface stability
1. It depends on the nature of the material, 2. It is the surface processing technology. The following are mainly introduced:
1. In contrast, the nature of stainless steel is not easy to rust (in fact, rust is an oxidation process) characteristics to ensure its most stability, so it is also the most commonly used, "stainless steel" only needs to be directly polished or wire drawn. There is no additional change in surface material or additional coating, but there are some differences in stability according to different grades. The daily name 304 is better than 201. The surface is polished, the material is good and the processing technology is good, it can reach the mirror surface, but it is worse than the copper plating.
2. "Copper" basically uses brass, and the surface is electroplated with chromium. If it is treated well, it can reach the mirror surface. With the natural price of copper, it will have a noble feeling. If it is not electroplated, the surface is very easy to be patina. It cannot be used. This kind of electroplating layer is much more reliable than processing a layer of "paint" on the iron surface, but it also depends on the electroplating process, otherwise the surface will have green patina after several years of use. Since the price of the commonly used "stainless steel" materials for sanitary ware products is much lower than that of copper materials, some manufacturers based on the characteristics that stainless steel and copper have the same specific gravity and cannot be absorbed by magnets. Well, although the cost of stainless steel plating is not cheap, it is generally cheaper.
3. Regarding "aluminum", "pure aluminum" cannot be used because its rigidity and strength cannot meet the requirements for use and the surface is extremely easy to oxidize. It is generally used in anti-rust aluminum group or duralumin group, but it is unlikely The so-called aluminum alloy material used in the aerospace equipment is used. The surface of the "aluminum alloy" material that has undergone surface oxygen oxidation treatment is much more stable than the one without surface treatment. There are also a variety of surface treatment results, mainly two Species: One kind of surface looks brighter, the other kind of surface looks similar to matte, the former kind of surface layer is thin but harder and not easy to scratch. The latter surface is like adding a layer of coating film. Although it is thick, scratches are easy to appear. The latter surface can be processed into a variety of colors, which is better in terms of aesthetics, which is also an advantage.
4. "Iron", because it is easy to rust, it must be surface treated, divided into chromium plating or painting. In contrast, the electroplating layer on "iron" is not as reliable as the electroplating layer on "copper". If the painting process is adopted, the paint layer is also easy to scratch, peel off and peel off. But it can have a variety of colors to make it more beautiful, and the paint layer is well processed and the life is not short. For example, the car sheet metal paint layer is good for more than ten years without major problems.
5. "Plastic", although it is worse than the above-mentioned metal materials in terms of rigidity, strength and life, there are many facts about the application of engineering plastics in automobiles, so the reliability can basically meet the requirements of use. It can be processed into a variety of colors and structures, and the price is the cheapest. I think it is a good choice for users who are temporarily using and not considering long-term use.

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