What are the maintenance and cleaning methods for shower curtains?

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What are the maintenance and cleaning methods for shower curtains?

Update:24 Dec

The place where you take a bath in your home is where the most water vapor gathers. Not knowing it or not, the bacteria took advantage of it. The air above the tub is the place where the bacteria are the most. These bacteria are harmful to the body. It is necessary to clean up in time, open the windows after each shower, and clean the top of the tub every weekend when you have time. Especially in the bathroom with a shower curtain, pay special attention to the maintenance and cleaning of the shower curtain:
Maintenance of shower curtain
After showering, the shower curtain should be opened to allow air to circulate and prevent mildew. Silicone gel can be used to prevent mildew. Only a pack of silicone gel can absorb moisture. If the stain cannot be removed, you need to buy a new shower curtain. Use a sponge soaked in slightly damp soapy water to scrub. The water and dust on the shower room or bathtub door rail can be washed with an old toothbrush or cotton swab. The shower door should be cleaned regularly with detergent or cloth soaked in vinegar water to prevent scale generation.
Cleaning the shower curtain
Cleaning the canvas shower curtain
1. Canvas or cotton curtains are like other cotton fabrics. Wash them with hot soapy water, wash and iron them. Most shower curtains only need to be dried. Mildew is difficult to remove, you can try washing with light bleach and then wipe dry.
2. If you are too lazy to brush the shower curtain, you can soak the shower curtain in the washing machine with water, add 8 or 4 cups of vinegar and let it stand overnight before handing it to the washing machine for cleaning. This method can not only sterilize and neutralize all the dirt, but also save the trouble of brushing the shower curtain by hand.
Cleaning of plastic shower curtain
Use vinegar to wipe off the soap bubbles, mold and grease on the shower curtain. Make the shower curtain look like new. The bottom of the shower curtain is the most difficult to scrub. You can use a brush to scrub with salt water, because the fine particles of salt can produce a scrub-like effect. Then wipe it with vinegar. You can get rid of stubborn stains.


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