How to maintain the stainless steel shower rod

Update:12 Oct 2019

Due to the inevitable splash in the bathroom, the showe […]

Due to the inevitable splash in the bathroom, the shower rod of ordinary material is difficult to resist the impact of moisture. Ordinary hardware such as stainless steel shower rods are slightly corroded and rusted, which will affect the service life of the shower rod. When choosing stainless steel shower rods, you should choose products with fine workmanship and reliable quality, especially those with hardware. It is the most important thing to prevent moisture. You should choose high-quality products to avoid moisture ingress. To purchase bathroom products, first select aluminum products for stainless steel shower rods that have been treated with moisture. When installing shower rods, they should be reinforced in advance to prevent moisture from entering.

1. After the shower is finished, dry the faucet and the pole with a soft towel, as the remaining shower gel will erode the plating.
2. After the plating layer begins to rust, rub it with toothpaste around the rust spots.
3. In the bathroom, use as little acid cleaner as possible, and use less soap and other materials to scrub the faucet.