How to choose stainless steel towel rack?

Update:14 Feb 2020

From a quality perspective, the choice of all copper to […]

From a quality perspective, the choice of all copper towel racks is the best, followed by aluminum alloy towel racks; again stainless steel towel racks, and finally zinc alloy towel racks.
Can be selected according to moisture resistance
Because the environment in which the towel rails are located is humid, the moisture and corrosion resistance of the towel rails is particularly important. When we choose, we should give full consideration to the material of the towel hanging and make a choice accordingly.
Towel racks made of several materials are recommended. The "rust" of copper is green, which is often referred to as "patina". "Patina" is copper oxide formed by the chemical reaction between copper and oxygen. In order to prevent copper from contacting with oxygen, its surface is plated with a layer of metallic chromium. The stability of chromium is very good, and it is wear-resistant. It also has a bright color and is very beautiful. After plating, the copper towel rack cannot contact the air and will not grow "patina".
Pure aluminum products of alumina towel racks have poor hardness and will turn black, but after oxidation, the hardness of alumina products has been greatly improved, and will not turn black. The abrasion resistance is good. Rusty.
Stainless steel towel racks with low grade stainless steel will rust. The higher the chromium content of stainless steel, the less likely it is to rust. The chrome content of 304 stainless steel is 16%. It has good stability and strong corrosion resistance, even if it is left in a humid environment for a long time Will not rust in the middle.

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