Buy stainless steel towel rack tips

Update:06 Dec 2019

Look at the surface Pay attention to plating treatment. […]

Look at the surface
Pay attention to plating treatment. Because the bathroom environment is humid, the surface of the towel rail must be plated. At present, there are three kinds of electroplating methods such as chrome plating, gold plating and wire drawing. Among them, chrome plating is the most widely used one. Before the electroplating, the blank of the towel rack should be polished, and the surface decontaminated to ensure the adsorption stability of the electroplated layer. The thickness of the coating is generally calculated in micrometers, which cannot be judged by human eyes, but the quality of the product can be identified by gloss and flatness.
Reminder: When choosing a towel rack, you can observe its surface coating under the light or strong light environment to determine its glossiness. Furthermore, you can touch the surface of the towel rack with your fingertips to feel its smoothness and whether there are any foreign matter protruding. The quality of smooth and flat products is better. Under the light, the towel bar can be tilted to better observe the gloss of the surface plating layer.
2.  Weight
Not the heavier the better
Regardless of the material used, the towel rail is hollow. Experts remind: when buying, you can open the sealing of the towel bar and observe its internal condition. Generally, the towel bar is tightly sealed. Consumers can also estimate the weight of the towel rail by measuring with their hands. If the towel rail feels heavy,
And the price is relatively cheap, consumers need to keep an eye out. When buying a towel rack, you can open the seal of the towel bar and observe if there is stuffing inside.
3. Pick accessories
Due to the large humidity and temperature difference in the bathroom, ordinary screws are susceptible to rust under these conditions. Towel racks should use stainless steel screws to achieve moisture and oxidation resistance. Copper is a common base material for towel racks. According to different materials, it can be divided into 59 copper (the unit content of copper is 59%) and 62 copper (the unit content of copper is 62%). , Does not meet the requirements of national standards. Welding is also a detail that consumers easily ignore. Welding seams need to be polished. Otherwise, protruding welding seams will not only affect the appearance, but also cause inconvenience to consumers in use. When buying, consumers should not be careful about the above details. They should observe whether the welding place of the towel rack has been polished and check whether the screw accessories are not rusty.