Bathroom shelf installation method and precautions

Update:12 Sep 2019

The towel hanger that was originally installed on the w […]

The towel hanger that was originally installed on the wall of the bathroom has fallen off. If the towel hanger is not broken, you can try to fix the wooden wedge in the original installation. If there is a quality problem that needs to be replaced, strictly follow the original pendant size and hole spacing to continue to install in the original position. If you can't buy a bathroom shelf of the same size, you need to make holes in other parts of the tile. The original location will leave unsightly holes or need to change tiles, which is relatively troublesome. In addition, the bathroom shelf materials are different, so pay attention to the installation. Many bathroom racks are made of metal-plated plastic. They can not be screwed when installed, otherwise they will be broken. Do not hang heavy objects such as wet towels during use, otherwise they will be easily broken.
The bathroom shelf is usually installed after the tile has been laid, and the hole is drilled in the tile, then the wooden wedge is inserted into the hole, and the bathroom shelf is fixed with screws or expansion screws. Pendant usually bears the weight during use, and it is forced to press, pull or install weakly. After a period of time, it will appear loose and fall off.
When choosing a bathroom shelf with glassware, choose a product with tempered glass so that it won't hurt when it's loose, slipped, or accidentally broken. In use, in the humid, humid environment such as the kitchen, bathroom, etc., heavy objects such as shampoo and shower gel are usually placed on the glass table. If there is water outside the item, it will slip off easily on the glass platform. Therefore, when purchasing such products, choose a product with a strip to ensure that the items above do not slip and hurt. In addition, you can check the description before use, pay attention to the weight limit, do not overweight and cause safety hazards.