The curtains of the scene will give you a romantic and delicate feeling.

Update:15 Jun 2019

Natural simplicity Advocating simple and natural decora […]

Natural simplicity
Advocating simple and natural decorative style, of course, there are corresponding curtains. In this season, the simple style of European style is moving towards a more original direction. From the perspective of fabrics, some products that are designed to be natural and not artificial are constantly appearing, such as embroidering hard patterns on the gauze, strong contrast highlights the modern sense; pops that are densely packed with a single line but more individualistic The pattern, close to the color of nature, makes us shine.
The tulle + embroidered curtains make the window show a different style with concave and convex vision. The scenery outside the window is hidden by the yarn, but the real world and the dream world overlap with each other due to the embroidery pattern. Because of its distinctive pattern, it is more suitable for modern and simple style when choosing such curtains. It should be flat design in the curtain design, because the pleated curtain will cover its pattern. Another type of fabric is a slightly thicker, but exaggerated Pop series, which can be folded in addition to flat hanging. Because of the colorful colors, it is more likely to produce visual effects. These two types of curtain styles are more suitable for modern and simple homes. They only need a simple latex paint to brush a wall and this kind of fabric. A natural and simple home layout is realized immediately.
Delicate and idyllic
The spring and the pastoral keywords come out, naturally, the flowers are indispensable, the colorful floral, cotton texture and a little lace, the interspersed with grass green and rose red, is the most representative feature of the seasonal curtains. The reporter saw in several fabric shops on the second floor of the good century that the English country style floral is a popular style on the market this year. The cotton material and the new style of fishing net printing are also the main styles of this year.