The curtains of the scene will give you a romantic and delicate feeling.

Update:19 Jul 2019

The Chinese-style decorative design has become more and […]

The Chinese-style decorative design has become more and more hot after the Olympics. However, the difference is that this season's Chinese style is more gentle and fashionable than the past. In the expression of the curtains, the symmetrical design, the rounded corners, the spliced patterns, the delicate silk, the woven folk embroidery patterns, the silky tassels, etc., all make it stand out differently. Charm, highlighting the rich Tang style.
At present, there are many silk fabrics on the market. These silk fabrics have no defects such as high price and unreasonable quality of silk products. They are not only elegant and luxurious, but also unique to silk. Gloss and draping, but it is simpler to take care of, put it into the washing machine and gently rinse it with a neutral silk rinse. The reporter saw in the fabric stores such as orchid grass and flower language, these silk materials also added the popular metal elements, such as gold and silver embellishments, plus the change of fabric designers in the fabric cutting, and added A feeling of fashion. It is worth noting that because the Chinese style of home curtains should not be too exaggerated, the choice of silk curtains must be done in the cutting and patterning.