Telescopic shower curtain installation precautions

Update:20 Jul 2017

   Telescopic shower curtains installed to the shower c […]

   Telescopic shower curtains installed to the shower curtain rod length adjustment divided into spring, spring, three + fine-tuning fine-tuning, fine-tuning + spring way is the most common, and solid simple method has been eliminated, the whole spring because there is no need to install micro. Simple, so the first use of telescopic shower curtains most suitable for buyers.
It is noteworthy that the telescopic shower head and other plastic parts of the quality of the tuning knob is very important, both ends of the head should be used ABS plastic material, the most strong, if the hedging and flexible plastic wall contact parts, with three-dimensional pattern The surface is very easy to fit the wall, it will be easier to install more solid): As for the fine-tuning knob, the first convenient manual adjustment, which is the key to the installation company, has a handle or gear on some of the more obvious effects, Spring screw, when the rotation will pop up a small, very wall like.