Talk about the bathroom shower curtain bar installation techniques

Update:22 Aug 2017

Bathroom in the shower on the decoration, some people w […]

Bathroom in the shower on the decoration, some people will choose to install the screen as a partition, and some people will install the shower curtain rod hanging curtain to cut off. Today, we have to say is about the curtains of the purchase method and installation techniques.
First, the introduction of shower curtain rod
Shower curtain rod refers to the telescopic support rod used to hang the shower curtain, generally for the internal and external tube structure that is a small tube into a large tube, the use of internal buckle, spring or screw to fix the curtain rod, and then hang On the shower curtain.
Second, the optional shower curtains
The shower curtain is divided into two types: expansion rods and screw fixes on the wall. If you choose to straighten the shower rod, and there are two wall support points, then you can choose the expansion rod, easy installation, easy to move; and once the choice of curved shower rod, then we must choose two screws fixed in the wall Surface of the stainless steel tube of the shower rod, safe, strong.
Third, the shower curtain rod installation precautions
Choose the shower curtain and installation, some details to be done, generally need to pay attention to several aspects.
1, retaining the water
As the shower floor drain drainage rate than the shower flush speed is slow, so the shower area on the ground to install the retaining strip. Generally laying in the outside of the shower curtain, the best choice of natural stone retaining strip, thick 1-2 cm, choose high-quality anti-mildew glass glue can be laid in the shower curtain outside.
2, shower curtain hanging way
Shower curtains are generally divided into two types: First, the installation of flexible shower curtain track, the other is the installation of shower curtain rod. Flexible shower curtain rail installation with particular attention to the first flexible rock curtain good track specific installation location, and then install the aluminum plate in the bathroom, and then install the flexible shower curtain track.
Shower curtain rod is divided into expansion rods and nuts fixed in the wall two. If the family is using a straight shower curtain rod, and both sides have a wall support point can choose expansion rod, this shower curtain bar is easy to install and move, you can also take a towel and the like.
Curved shower curtain rod, the best choice is fixed with the nut on the wall of the more insurance, and must choose the stainless steel tube, to the wall thicker, more solid kind of.