Straight rod telescopic shower rod installation principle and advantages:

Update:03 Aug 2017

Straight rod telescopic shower curtain rod is a spring […]

Straight rod telescopic shower curtain rod is a spring structure, the bath bar is a very thick spring, shower curtain rod installed by the wall, the spring pressure and the support of the spring itself to support. The utility model has the advantages of no need to install and damage the hole, at any time removable wall, can be repeatedly installed. Compared with the internal lock structure, because the internal lock structure is based on the butterfly body of the lock, butterfly film is plastic material, more than a few times, easy to bad aging. Telescopic shower curtain is the ideal home products, you can choose according to their own preferences .
Telescopic shower curtain installation and shower curtain rod installation precautions What are the finishing please refer to the above, there are many things to note when installing, the wrong installation method will affect the decoration effect, especially at home with a baby family to pay attention to the bath Curtain rod installation knowledge.