Shower room size

Update:18 Dec 2017

Width: to ensure that the body can freely rotate, will […]

Width: to ensure that the body can freely rotate, will not always hit the glass. Generally 90cm × 90cm is appropriate, if the family body fat, can also be made of 100cm × 100cm, or limited bathroom space, made of 85cm × 85cm is also OK, but preferably not less than 80cm.
Height: ceiling height is usually 2.4m, so the height of the shower room mostly 180cm-200cm, but also according to family height, the actual space conditions to be adjusted, but also need to pay attention and the shower position quite low, too easy to splash water too, too High hinder the appearance, affect the permeability.
And the heating equipment distance: In order to facilitate the winter bathing, we will give the bathroom with a heater or bath heater, if it is side-hung equipment, it is best not to put in the shower room or near the shower glass to prevent damp. If you hang on the top, depends on the size of the bathroom, a small space in the middle of the heating equipment on the line, not necessarily on the shower area, if the space is relatively large, you can put it in the middle of the shower area, Try not to face the shower, shower glass, otherwise not only fail to achieve good heating effect, but also easily lead to product aging or blew. Qi Building Materials Mall to see bathroom appliances
The distance between other sanitary wares: The bathrooms are often compact, and there are bathtubs, toilets and bathroom cabinets next to the shower room, with a spacing of about 10cm. Otherwise, they are easy to interact with each other and increase the possibility of blew.