Shower room materials and accessories to buy

Update:04 Dec 2017

     Shower glass to explosion-proof Shower room must u […]

     Shower glass to explosion-proof
Shower room must use tempered glass, but also 3C certification mark, laser direct printing on the glass is better; the thickness of tempered glass generally 6-8mm on it, to see if the glass is transparent, with or without impurities, bubble.
     Shower aluminum to be strong
Good aluminum surface will be multi-layer treatment, solid coating, bright colors, will not corrode, the hardness of aluminum can be hand-pressed aluminum frame test, the hardness of 13 degrees above the aluminum, adults difficult to hand pressure Its deformation.
     Shower slide to be smooth
Pulley's wheel seat to use pressure, heavy-duty materials, such as 304 stainless steel, high-end synthetic materials, pulleys and rails to tie tight, small gap, in the external impact is not easy to fall off to avoid accidents.
     Shower watertight is better
     Shower watertight Main observation of the site are: shower room and the wall at the junction; door and door seams at the hinge watertight; shower room with the stone base, the connection of the basin; view the strip and strip Sealing.