Shower curtain rod installation precautions

Update:30 Sep 2019

It is recommended that you install the shower curtain r […]

It is recommended that you install the shower curtain rod and shower curtain first, and then determine the position of the water retaining strip according to the installation height of the shower curtain rod and the position of the shower curtain hem, because the water retaining strip must be placed on the outside of the shower curtain hem, otherwise the shower curtain The squid in the otter went out;
In the past, some students said that they installed water-blocking strips at the same time as paving the tiles. In fact, this is also a good thing. But the result of this is that the water-blocking strips are embedded in the floor tiles. In case the water-blocking strips break, you want to replace them. It’s troublesome;
If the conditions permit, the shower area is best to have walls on three sides. The spaciousness is one of them. More importantly, the shower curtain rods are ok with a "bulging rod" on the wall at both ends.
The maximum load-bearing capacity of the "expansion rod" is generally 20 kilograms. There is no problem with a bath towel, and the "expansion rod" can be displaced and replaced anytime and anywhere, which is very convenient;
If the shower area has only two walls, the shower curtain rod can only be selected from the circular steel tube fixed on the wall. This fixed arc steel tube has a drawback because it is uneven due to uneven force and prolonged time.