Shower curtain of the three major structures

Update:06 Nov 2017

Shower curtain is generally divided into three parts: c […]

Shower curtain is generally divided into three parts: curtain, shower curtain rod and hook. There are also shower curtains that hang directly on the ceiling, but this is not the case.

1, a variety of materials shower curtain rod, wood, bamboo, plastic or alloy materials. Shower curtain rod shower zone according to the general location and shape of the shower and installed in different locations, the shape is also different. The most common rod-type shower curtain rods are usually fixed on opposite sides of the bathroom wall; semi-circular or semi-curved shower rod is used for larger bathroom shower area.

2, the curtain material In addition to the traditional plastic, cloth, the more common today's new materials also include PVC, PEVA environmental protection materials, wood curtains, bamboo curtains, nylon, pongee, satin, satin Noodles, silk, thickened Oxford spinning. And according to the different styles of the bathroom have different colors and designs.

3, the most common material linked to the plastic and alloy.