Shower curtain material

Update:13 Nov 2017

1, Textile (polyester, polyester-cotton blended and cot […]

1, Textile (polyester, polyester-cotton blended and cotton)
This type of bath curtain is resistant to low temperatures, but it is not water and tasteless, but its water-proofing quality depends on the water-resistant coating, and the water-repellent coating may be odorless. But the waterproof layer is not machine washable. However, this material will feel better.
2, Plastic (EVA, PEVA and PVC)
This type of bath curtain is not resistant to low temperature, while installing must be far away from the radiator and bath heater . However, a good place for this type of shower curtain is that it is waterproof and moldproof.
PEVA is a polymer of PE and EVA, also environmentally friendly material, odorless smooth, feel good, more with its EVA content and decide how much its feel and vertical sense, the higher the EVA content, the softer the feel, the better, heavier; On the contrary the harder, the lighter. PVC transparency, durable, good sense of vertical, feel in general, will change with the weather feel change. In the presence of odor problems, because EVA and PEVA are environmentally friendly materials, no smell, PVC has a faint smell.