Shower curtain maintenance

Update:02 Jan 2018

Shower curtain should be opened after the shower to all […]

Shower curtain should be opened after the shower to allow air circulation, to prevent moldy. Available silicone prevent moldy, only a pack of silicone can absorb moisture, if the stain can not be cleared, you need to buy a new shower curtain. Use a sponge soaked in slightly damp soapy water, traces of water and dust on shower rails or bidet rails, and use old toothbrushes or cotton swabs to wash. Clean the shower door regularly with detergent or water immersed in water to prevent scale formation.

Canvas shower curtain cleaning
1, canvas or cotton curtain like other cotton fabrics, washed with hot soapy water, washed and then hot. Most shower curtains can only be dried. It is difficult to remove the moldy stains, try it with a light bleach solution, and then wipe it dry.
2, if you are too lazy to brush the shower curtain, you can put the shower curtain plus blisters in the washing machine, plus eight 4 cup vinegar and then put it aside for overnight washing machine washing. This method can not only sterilize and can neutralize all the dirt, but also save the trouble of hands-on shower curtain.
Plastic shower curtain cleaning
With vinegar, you can wipe the soap bubbles on the shower curtain, mold and grease, making the shower curtain look new. The bottom of the shower curtain is the hardest to scrub, and you can brush it with a brushed salt water, because fine particles of salt produce a matte-like effect, and then wipe with vinegar to remove nasty stains.