Sanitary ware purchase principle

Update:30 Oct 2017

1, type analysis, understanding of sanitary ware matchi […]

1, type analysis, understanding of sanitary ware matching consciousness
The main varieties of sanitary ware are toilet, bidet, wash, sink, mop cloth, toilet paper box, soap box, etc., because the price, quality reasons, the price difference between the poor. Purchase should first have a sense of matching, first to determine what they want to achieve the standard, the kit in each component or accessories should be at the same level of the level.
2, to determine the toilet and the installation of the size of the toilet
Before buying the toilet must first measure the distance from the wall of the distance from the wall or the distance from the ground to determine the selected toilet is the next drainage or drainage structure, the choice of drainage and uniform installation of the appropriate size of the toilet, To install. The wall distance of the toilet bowl should be equal to or slightly smaller than the wall distance of the toilet outlet.
3, matching products style color must match
The number of ceramic pieces of the bathroom more than one, a few pieces of ceramic products such as toilet, wash basin, soap box, hand carton, piers and other modeling color is only consistent or close to harmony and beautiful.
4, the appearance of the quality of three judgments
Porcelain pieces also have water absorption, toilet and sewage, water, noise, water sealing function and other performance requirements, these performance consumers are generally difficult to check the judge, should try to buy quality credit guarantee products, access to the product Approved by the relevant state departments approved the CMA chapter with the recent effective quality inspection report.