Overall bathroom design points

Update:10 Oct 2017

    Reasonable allocation of space: In order to be able […]

    Reasonable allocation of space: In order to be able to improve the utilization of the bathroom, then you can take the way to split the space to achieve rationalization of space layout. The bathroom and the shower to distinguish the design, so that not only make the best wet and dry partition, the need for both the use of the bathroom when the requirements of this can be achieved.
With the partition to improve privacy: the wash area and the shower is separated when the need to use the partition to cut off the role of the partition is not just to play a partition, more or have a personal privacy protection, but also Will not be more disturbed, the whole bathroom is ultimately cut off the design.
If you want the overall bathroom to look more refined, then the soft side of the decoration must be indispensable, and want to create a more intense into the atmosphere that is soft to help, but the bathroom The ornaments of the ornaments should not be too much, too much, then it seems chaotic.