Know the curtains from the function

Update:19 Apr 2019

1. Protect privacy. For a family, no one likes their ow […]

1. Protect privacy.
For a family, no one likes their own actions in the eyes of others. From this point of view, different indoor areas have different standards for privacy concerns. The public activities area of family members such as the living room has lower requirements for privacy. Most of the family living rooms open the curtains, and in most cases are decorated. For the bedroom, the restroom, etc., people not only can't see it, but they can't even see the shadow. This has caused different problems in the choice of curtains in different areas. In the living room we may choose a fabric that is translucent, while the bedroom uses a thicker fabric.
2. Use light.
In fact, the principle of protecting privacy is still handled from the aspect of blocking light. The use of light as used herein refers to the problem of effectively utilizing light in the case of protecting privacy. For example, the living room on the first floor does not like people walking around and seeing every move in the room. But long-term thick curtains affect natural lighting. So a light curtain like a gauze came into being.
3, decorative wall
Curtains are the biggest decoration on the wall for many ordinary families. In fact, for some of the "four white landings" of some simple homes, in addition to a few frames, there may be curtains left on the wall. Therefore, the choice of curtains is beautiful or not, and may often play a decisive role. Similarly, for hard-wearing homes, the right curtains will make the home more beautiful and more personal.
4, sound absorption and noise reduction
We know that the part of the sound that the treble is transmitted in a straight line, and the reflectivity of the window glass to the treble is also very high. Therefore, having a curtain of appropriate thickness will improve the reverberation effect of the indoor sound. Similarly, thick curtains are also good at absorbing some of the noise from the outside and improving the sound environment in the room.