Is it good to use the telescopic shower cord

Update:15 Jan 2018

The principles and advantages of the straight rod insta […]

The principles and advantages of the straight rod installation are all spring structure. The bath rod is a whole thick spring. The installation is supported by the wall pressure on the spring and the supporting force of the spring itself. The advantage is that it does not need to make a hole installation to destroy the wall, and can be taken and installed at any time. Compared with the internal lock structure, the internal lock structure depends on the inside butterfly lock, the butterfly piece is plastic material, and many times of torsion are easy to aging and bad. The telescopic shower curtain rod is the essential product of the ideal home, and can be selected according to your own love.
Telescopic shower curtain rod for easy installation, no drilling, no damage to the wall, can be adjusted in length and many other advantages, since the market has been well received by the customers favor, buy home a few minutes after the installation is completed, it is very easy, most of them are in the bathroom hanging shower curtain, there are a lot of customers used to hang the curtains, curtain, partition, or hanging in the closet, is a very good choice.