Introduction of bath bars

Update:19 Sep 2017

    Shower curtain rod, refers to the telescopic suppor […]

    Shower curtain rod, refers to the telescopic support rod used to hang the shower curtain, easy to use, cheap, easy to replace. Generally inside and outside the tube structure that is a small tube (inner tube) into a large tube (outer tube), the use of internal buckle, spring or screw to fix the curtain rod, and then hang the curtain, is the dwelling era The ideal supplies, to solve the problem of small space and water chaos flying. Tool-free type is divided into internal buckle screw and spring type.
Internal screw type: pull the specified distance through the eccentric lock inside and outside the tube, and then turn the inner tube of the screw, so that it can be tight.
Spring type: through the stamping process to the spring fixed to the inner tube, so that the distance to pull out longer than the required distance, and then forced the inner tube to the outer tube, to withstand the mast can be.
Screw fixing type: screw fixed type has become a combination of rods, that is, in the corner or only contact with the side of the mast when used, can be assembled through the accessories into L-shaped, U-shaped, and then fixed by screws on the wall. General can be composed of the size of 90 * 90 * 90cm ,, 90 * 170cm.