How to wash the shower curtain

Update:01 Aug 2017

There is no shower room at home, the shower curtain to […]

There is no shower room at home, the shower curtain to help a lot, but clean up but let a lot of people headaches. Shower curtains also have cleaning problems. To distinguish the material, targeted cleaning.
Bath curtain cleaning:
Cotton material shower curtain. Cotton shower curtain cleaning and clothing, pour into the laundry liquid cleaning, or direct machine wash. After the dry wrinkle can be used iron iron to continue to use.
Canvas and woven cloth. Available soapy water, preferably warm water, soak for half an hour and then wash. It is easier to wash the stains.
Plastic material shower curtain. Plastic material can be wiped with soapy water or warm water. You can also soften the soap and shower gel on the shower curtain with vinegar. Wash back and forth with a brush.
Shutters of the blinds. Many of the hotel's shower curtains are blinds. You can use bleach to clean and disinfect. Rinse the stain with warm water.
Bathroom water vapor more indoor indoor curtain closed because of moisture and accumulation of mold. It is recommended to open the exhaust fan after bathing. To ensure the ventilation of the bathroom.
A dehumidifier or desiccant can be used in the bathroom. Avoid and reduce the mold of the shower curtain.
After washing the shower curtain placed under the sun exposure, to eliminate the bacteria on the shower curtain and moldy mold.
Keep the room ventilated and give the bathroom a clean environment.
Shower curtain easy accumulation of stains, should often wash.