How to store in the bathroom

Update:16 Aug 2017

First, all objects are classified Take out all the item […]

First, all objects are classified
Take out all the items in the bathroom, so that you have a kind of understanding of their own species, the same category of items divided into one;
Second, according to the preferences of the four modules
Face the things out, will face is still not to be confused in accordance with the degree of preference can be divided into four modules: like and often use, do not like but will use, do not use and do not like, do not use but like.
Third, according to the use of frequency finishing
In the choice of part of the elimination and then use the frequency of the second classification, so that you can quickly help you to further clear the messy items.
Fourth, the formation of a fixed placement
One of the main reasons is that: every thing does not form a fixed position, when necessary, need to find everywhere, run out on the random place to put each item can be placed in a specific location can be According to the following principles as a reference:
1, something should be within the scope of the eye;
2, the same kind of things placed in the same fixed area.
Five, choose a easy to accommodate the bathroom cabinet
Things have already had their place in the last step, then you should think about how they are put.