How to install electric curtains

Update:05 Jul 2019

How to save the installation cost of electric curtains? […]

How to save the installation cost of electric curtains? We can choose to install it ourselves, how to install electric curtains? First we need to prepare the curtain motor and track and the installation tool, then carefully look at how the rail accessories are distributed and then start to install.
1. Pass the belt A through the gearbox of the big end
2. Insert the guide rail into the big end and separate the belt A from the two sides (do not cross) to the other side of the guide.
3. Put the stopper and the required ball into the track and tighten the stopper.
4. Twist the auxiliary pulley screw and pass the belt through the screws in the middle of the two crimping plates. At this time, push the auxiliary pulley to the guide rail, and pay attention to the belt to be kept on both sides of the pulley.
5. Adjust the small end nut to the outermost end and pass the side of the belt B through the small end pulley.
6. Press the side end of the belt A to the bottom of the main pulley C. Tighten the screw at C. Then insert the belt B into the main pulley, and tighten the wire rope to push the main pulley to the guide rail. Pay attention to the belt. The sides of the pulley wheel.
7. Put the required ball and stop into the track, put the small end into the end of the rail, and twist the block. At this point, firmly tighten the side of the belt B, and press the belt under the tablet at D, and tighten the screw at D.
8. Drag the main and auxiliary pulleys to the ends of the guide rail and tighten the fixing screws on the auxiliary pulley.
9. Adjust the adjusting nut at the small end to adjust the wire rope to the best condition.
10. After the rails are assembled, the hand-pull pulley moves smoothly, and the motor can be installed for trial operation. If the motor can run to the end point and can automatically stop, the rail assembly is qualified.