How to install a wash basin cabinet

Update:25 Dec 2017

1, Check the accessories Cabinet basin shipped to the u […]

1, Check the accessories Cabinet basin shipped to the user's home, the installer to check the product model is consistent, the cabinet is intact, spare parts are not qualified to be replaced immediately.
2, The installation of triangular valve basin cabinet installed before, hot and cold water on the triangular valve installed as early as possible to keep flush. If the cabinet is installed and then installed, it will block the overall effect.
3, Installed under the ice pipe measured the length of the choice of pvc distance after the installation of water pipes. Glue pipe connection between the pipe, apply evenly, the amount of moderate, to ensure the tightness of the joints.
4, The installation counter cabinet counters purchased counter basin is generally waterproof moisture-resistant materials, to be installed separately. When installing it, keep it at the same level. Installed properly to be adjusted.
5, Check the location Cabinet feet installed, the cabinet on the designated location to see the slot (hole) is correct, does not affect the normal work out of the water pipe. If not, should be adjusted.
6, Install the faucet bathroom counter basin faucet configuration best buy, the water angle is more appropriate. Faucet with a nut, one hand fixed one hand installation, so as not to be loaded after the position deviation.
7, Then out of the water pipe Put the faucet basin on the cabinet, connect the basin out of the water pipe and water, choose the length of the hose should be moderate, it is best not to take up extra space inside the cabinet.
8, Different sizes of handlebar handle size will be different, installation should be carefully examined. Also choose the right tool, not to mention the handle is too tight or scratch the cabinet surface.
9, Well fixed in the cabinet and ceramic tile docking place with anti-mildew silicone fixed, in order to achieve a solid cabinet, to prevent leakage. Silicone should be evenly applied, after the connection to clean up excess silicone.
10, After installation: conscientious end
After the cabinet is installed, it is necessary to conduct a water discharge test to see if the faucet installation angle is appropriate and to check whether the water is flowing smoothly. If any problems are found, adjustments need to be made immediately.
11, Wipe clean
After the test is done, staff need to wipe the basin and cabinet clean. Inspect the installation of the hardware on the cabinet and adjust or replace the problem place in time.