How to choose the shower curtain rod

Update:25 Jul 2017

First of all, the material of the curtain rod must be w […]

First of all, the material of the curtain rod must be waterproof and corrosion-resistant, stainless steel is the first choice, who do not want their own shower curtain rod is not used for two days rusty. Second, according to the actual situation of their own home bathroom, if the shower area only two sides of the wall, for example, your home is installed in the corner of the rain, that shower curtain can only choose the kind of circular steel pipe fixed on the wall, Shaped shower curtain rod, fixed with screws, so that not only can give enough space to the bath, but also save some of the external space. This kind of fixed circular steel pipe has a drawback is due to uneven force, a long time prone to loose, if the shower area has walls on three sides, for example, your home is a long tub, more importantly: The expansion of the rod has a benefit, can be extended, the limitations of much smaller, but the stability of the bar There is no screw fixation.