How to choose curtain common sense

Update:27 Jul 2019

At present, the curtains on the curtain market can be d […]

At present, the curtains on the curtain market can be described as colorful and colorful. When choosing the curtains, the homeowner should choose the matching curtains according to the style of his decoration, in order to play the role of finishing touch. Such as the creamy white wall, with light red curtains can show a magnificent effect; such as light milk yellow wall, with brown curtains, it will be more cozy and comfortable; if the children's room is light green wall, then can be equipped Use green or yellowish curtains to increase its childlikeness. In addition, the choice of curtain color should also pay attention to family characteristics, such as the curtain color of the wedding room should be bright and strong, to increase the excitement and joyful atmosphere; the curtains of the elderly room should be quiet and peaceful, to present a quiet and harmonious atmosphere. The color of the bedroom and the living room should also be different. The former should be light and quiet, and the latter should be thick, giving a sense of solemnity. The choice of curtain color will also be different according to the change of seasons. The summer color should be light, and the winter color should be deep, in order to change people's psychological "hot" and "cold" feelings. In addition, in the same room, it is best to use the same color and pattern of curtains to maintain the overall beauty, but also to prevent the feeling of clutter. 1. Choice of texture
At present, the curtain curtains in the curtain market are mainly cotton, polyester-cotton, linen, knitted polyester, and various blends. Due to different material quality, the price difference of curtains is also large, and the suitability for various decoration methods is also different. The specific characteristics are as follows:
(1) Polyester-cotton curtains: The fabric is light and elegant, and the flower pattern is beautiful. If you use cool colors such as green and blue, it can increase the sense of elegance and comfort.
(2) Hemp curtain: The flower shape is convex and concave, the stereoscopic effect is strong, the color is rich, the thickness is thin and quite, the drape is felt, and the grade is higher.
(3) Knitted polyester drawn warp yarn: mesh woven flower, bright pattern, strong stereoscopic effect, comfortable and refreshing.