How to buy the installation of bathroom hardware pendant

Update:08 Aug 2017

First, the rack how to buy the installation 1, the mate […]

First, the rack how to buy the installation
1, the material of the rack to buy
(1) According to the material to classify, the general rack is divided into copper, stainless steel, aluminum, alloy, plastic and so on these categories, Xiaobian suggested that we choose copper or stainless steel, the reason is very simple, aluminum will be oxidized, the alloy will rust , Plastic will be deformed.
(2) Look at the hanger coating
How to judge the quality of a paint on a pylons, which need to pass your pair of "gold gold" to judge, a good coating looks fine and bright, very moist with a sense; good coating is very smooth;
2, the installation of the rack
Towel rack: towel rack is mainly installed in the bathtub, about 108 meters from the ground height can be.
Towel rack: can be installed in the central part of the toilet on the open wall, about 1.5 meters from the ground
Second, the purchase and installation of shelves
1, shelves to buy
The bathroom is very humid place, so the choice of shelves from a number of considerations. First of all to consider its stability and ruggedness; followed by moisture resistance, the choice of material is not easy to rust shelves, stainless steel and alloy can be considered; and then also consider its load-bearing capacity; the last is uniform, consistent with the bathroom style, Keep the bathroom united.
2, shelves installed
If the shower room at home is not isolated, you can not rack. Shelf installation method is very simple, first good need to be fixed position with a pencil to make a mark, and then drill hole, the rack with screws and expansion nails fixed on it.

Third, the shower curtains to buy
1, shower curtain rod is usually divided into two kinds of screw fixation and expansion rods, if the straight hanging curtain rod has two wall support, you can choose the expansion rod, so the installation is very convenient; if you want to choose the curved bath Curtain rod, then it is necessary to choose two screws with a screw fixed rod.
2, shower curtain rod installation precautions
First of all, should be based on the installation of the height of the shower bar and the position of the hem curtains to determine the location of the retaining bar, followed by the choice of shower curtain suspension, if the installation of flexible shower curtain, we must first determine the flexible bath curtain good track specific installation location, and then Install the aluminum plate in the bathroom, then install the flexible shower curtain track.