Grab Bar´s maintenance

Update:19 Jul 2017

Grab bars was prolonged use, the surface will darken, g […]

Grab bars was prolonged use, the surface will darken, generate a thin layer of copper oxide, if the bronze placed in a humid environment, the surface of the green rust generated.

(1) often open the window: to develop the habit of opening the door often, so that not only can keep the bathroom air flow, but also help the family's health, more absorption of some fresh air.

(2) often wipe: bathroom armrest surface should always use soft cotton and water to ensure that the bright shiny, absolutely can not use corrosive acid and alkali solution, but also try not to use detergent cleaning.

(3) anti-corrosion: usually if we want to decorate, then do not let the paint stained bathroom arm above, because the paint on the bathroom armrest surface coating has a great corrosion. Now there are many recipes on the market frequently change the cleaning agent, it is recommended that you do not buy, they may also cause serious damage to the bathroom armrest. Many bleach, detergent, vinegar which contains a lot of acidic substances, there is a strong corrosive effect, it is recommended not to use.