Full bathroom configuration

Update:12 Sep 2017

To talk about the overall bathroom configuration, then […]

To talk about the overall bathroom configuration, then we here to understand from a large area, the details of the individual can be made according to their individual needs increase or decrease.
Shower room: the whole bathroom is naturally no shower room exists, with the shower room wet and dry area is also much easier, of course, the shower room also included in the shower and shower like small details of the part is also very One of the key configurations.
Bathroom cabinet: which includes the basin, which is the most basic protection of daily wash, so that the bathroom is naturally the bathroom cabinet.
Bath: Of course, the bathtub in the bathroom can be considered one of the configuration, after all, can shower, the bathtub can be carefully chosen.
  Toilet: the toilet is the most basic protection, if the bathroom in the bathroom are not all the words, how to talk about clean health at all.
Towel rack: towel rack is essential, whether it is in the shower area or toilet area to do a good job of towel rack set up, so that when the towel is only a lot easier.
Conclusion: Of course, the overall configuration of the bathroom or still a little bit, mainly to see how to build their own, so in the details of the Department or need their own more experience better. In fact, when the overall bathroom in the creation of the time as long as the points to fully grasp the design to build up is not a difficult thing to do, so that the article introduced to the point of design we better have to be more carefully to understand, so do not Worry about creating the overall bathroom is not practical enough.